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Motherless Brooklyn

December 6 – 12

Rated R CC/AD* Run time: 2 hours 24 minutes

Lionel Essrog is a lonely private detective who doesn’t let Tourette’s syndrome stand in the way of his job. Gifted with a few clues and an obsessive mind, Lionel sets out to solve the murder of Frank Minna — his mentor and only friend. Scouring the jazz clubs and slums of Brooklyn and Harlem, Essrog soon uncovers a web of secrets while contending with thugs, corruption and the most dangerous man in the city.

*This movie does feature visually impaired (AD) and hearing impaired capability (CC). Please contact us using the contact form on this page at least one day in advance to request captions or call 603-554-7999. This gives us time to inform our patrons of the captioning in advance.


Friday – 7 pm

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Thursday – 7 pm

MATINEE – All tickets $7.00

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NOTE: Trailers begin at 2:20 pm and 6:50 pm; the movies start ON TIME at 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm, so please plan accordingly.  This means if you’re perpetually late to the movies, thinking “oh there’s always so many previews” you’re gonna miss the beginning, and you’ll be doing the ‘movie theater walk of shame’. You’ll be glad it’s dark in there.  Plus, you missed the previews! It’s nice to see what’s coming!

Refund Policy

If you purchase a movie ticket for a friend who hasn’t arrived yet, and that friend also purchases a ticket, you will not be entitled to a refund. Our policy clearly states on the concession board “All Sales Final”. Please make your ticket purchasing plans ahead of time; we cannot be held responsible for double purchases. Plus today you’ve got the technology. Call, email, text your friend. Avoid the snafu. It will make your generosity that much better! 

The use of cameras or recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited inside the theater, no matter what. Aunt Mildred will have to come see the movie. Don’t record a portion of it for her because she went out with the girls tonight, or you’ll be publicly shamed AND asked to delete your recording. Yep, that’s what happens and you get reported. For real.