Theater rentals

2024 Prices-small private rentals

2 – 4 people $100

5 – 10 people $125

11 – 15 people $150

16-20 people $175

Children’s birthday party (under 10 years old) $200

THREE HOURS MAX – Rental days/times:

Saturday & Sunday at 11 am

Friday at 7 pm

You pick the movie! Provide a DVD  or use your phone’s streaming apps. If viewing the movie currently showing: admission prices for each person apply, and private rental price drops to $75.


Birthday parties! 

The most memorable date ever!

Family events!

Fun with close friends!


*Booking and licensing fees will apply to a public performance.  A public performance is a performance in a public place (like ours) where the number of people present exceeds that of one family and their direct acquaintances. These prices only apply to private rentals for a small group. Inquire for more information regarding copyright distribution, licensing and larger events. Rates differ from the ones above.

Special couples package

Stretch out and relax! Private rental of theater,  plus use of two large micro-fiber bean bag chair loungers, a large organic popcorn and two drinks of your choice. $125 for three hours

Contact us to reserve now

We’ve been having problems receiving mail from the contact page. Until this is fixed, please email me directly at pbrotheatre at gmail.com. (@ sign purposely removed here to avoid the bots, but you’ll have to include it when you enter in the email address)  You can also call or text me: 603-554-7999 ~Vanessa