History Wall

The History Wall featured in the lobby has been updated, thanks to local professional framer Jane Simpson.

Starting in the upper left-hand corner and going clock-wise:

  • Gem Theatre poster from October 31, 1935 (courtesy of Bruce Hunter)
  • Flood of November 1950 (courtesy of Jim Grant)
  • Movie handbill from 1939 (donated by Cliff Monkton)
  • February 1945 theatre fire (photo donated by Cliff Monkton)
  • Theatre fire of February 1945 (courtesy of Muffy Ames)
  • Gem Theatre poster from 1935
  • Community Theatre poster from 1948 (courtesy of Bruce Hunter)
  • Front of the Gem Theatre, circa 1925 (courtesy photo)
  • Gem Theatre poster from 1945
  • Theatre fire of February 1945 (courtesy of Muffy Ames. The gentleman on the left in the long coat is Warren Nichols, one of the original builders/owners of the theater.)