About Us

Hey, we may not be fancy, but we sure are fun!!!

You may have read some of our Google reviews. Most of the time, people love us. Every once in a while, someone says something like “this place is dying” or “No bells and whistles” to describe us. But wait a minute! Here’s the thing. We are not dying! We are staying alive like a Bee Gees song from the seventies! What we offer is sometimes not obvious, but hold up for a moment because I’m going to explain.

The things WE offer differ from that of the large cineplex type movie theaters. First, we offer ORGANIC popcorn, popped in canola oil with no additives or a nasty chemical powder called Flavacol. Yuck. We also offer at least nine gourmet popcorn toppings at no extra charge, which are all made in-house. No additives, artificial anything. Just pure ingredients and yummy spices. Some are savory, some are sweet and they change with the seasons. You don’t get that ANYWHERE else!  If we are cooking up a fresh batch of popcorn because we are trying to keep up with demand, we will let you sit down and we’ll bring your popcorn to  your seat. Don’t worry, we’ll find you!

Second, we might not have fancy reclining seats or a full menu with bar, but what we do have is recognition as the oldest movie theater in New Hampshire and the ability to recognize YOU. If you come in a few times, we learn your name. We remember how you like your popcorn. We’ll even save you your favorite seat if you give us a call. We have fun when we are here and we hope that you will too. Rex, our official ticket taker will talk to you too and entertain you with the fifteen different things he has to say!

You can even request movies and we will take them into consideration. We’re happy to discuss the movie with you afterwards and as the owners we are always available after the movie should you care to. Movies are a cool art form and we love to talk about them! We like creating a space to create community, after all COMMUNITY IS OUR MIDDLE NAME! We encourage you to stick around afterward and discuss the movie, see your friends and catch up. If you want to take it real late, we will also encourage you to go next door and get a pint at Cooper’s Public Grill because if you’re still here when we’re vacuuming, ahem…NOW it’s time to leave. However, Coopers is open late and is happy to serve you. Go talk about the movie. Invite us, we might join you.

We are inclusive! We may be a small theater but we are one of the few in our state that offers DVS headsets so that if you’re hearing impaired or visually impaired, you get to enjoy the movie too! So if you have an Aunt Mildred that can’t see anymore, invite her to the movies. We’ll set her up and the narrative will describe the action in the movie so that she can enjoy it too.  Let us know if you want captions on the movie screen. We’ve got you. Most movies come with this feature and we are happy to load it up for you! (and everyone else! 😉

We also create special pre-shows if the movie lends itself to it. You can’t see these anywhere else.  Besides vintage cartoons, Kevin finds interesting material that compliments the movie, from old concerts to old talk show clips or music videos. It’s a montage that is uniquely ours and you get to experience it only here at PCT.

So yeah, no reclining seats or burgers or cheesy fluorescent nachos, but we offer you a place where you’ll be welcomed with open arms. We see you, we love you and we look forward to visiting with you again.  We may even sit down and watch the movie with you. ~Vanessa and Kevin

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We are proud to exclusively use certified organic, GMO-free popcorn! We purchase locally from Maggie’s Market.


If someone is physically challenged and needs an aisle seat, we will reserve it for them and their guest. Examples would be someone with a broken foot or a walker. Please call ahead to 603-554-7999, at least an hour in advance, to let us know.

If a patron is wheelchair-bound, seating next to that person can be reserved for their guest. We ask that you call ahead to 603-554-7999 at least an hour in advance so that we can be prepared to assist you.

If you’ve purchased a movie ticket and want to save your seat, you may place your coat, sweater, or scarf on it to do so. Most of our patrons are pretty respectful and will honor your ‘reservation’.

Patrons are not permitted to bring signs of their own that state or imply “reserved” seating.  Only we can do that. 😉

DVS logoAs of September 16, 2015 we offer DVS for the blind and visually impaired. We also offer neck loops for those with T-coil hearing aids!

The Peterborough Community Theatre would like to extend a BIG thank you to:

Peterborough Lions Club
Kiwanis Club of Peterborough
The Well School
The Cornucopia Project

Melanie Bertoni
Sarah Jordan
Mariposa Museum

Peterborough Woman’s Club

Liana M. Poodiack, Senior Vice President – Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

and three anonymous donors for pledging the funds needed to install our new Descriptive Video Service (DVS) system! We are the only movie theater in Hillsborough and Cheshire counties to offer this service.

DVS delivers descriptive narration for the blind and visually impaired via infrared listening systems sent directly into headsets without disturbing other audience members.

The descriptions provide narrated information about key visual elements such as actions, settings, and scene changes, making movies more meaningful to people with vision loss.

The DVS system also provides neck loop assisted listening devices for those with T-coil hearing aids.